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Zounds! Prithee, what muse has brought" alt="Site Meter" border=0>

Zounds! Prithee, what muse has brought you here? Welcome, and rest. I have been called many things throughout my life, but my name, my real name, is John Hyun Doe. Yes. I am the only John Doe I know who didn't suffer from traumatic memory loss or felony conviction. I usually go by JD, to give myself personality.

Originally, I hail from South Korea, but I grew up in a vigorous fashion in the United States. I have interests too numerous for a man to be healthy, but have them I do, and I have brought to the fore the ones I took care to preserve in the digital ways. I am researching artificial intelligence, writing poems and short stories, building a virtual world (though there is not much of that yet), and I serve God as best I can (that is the highest part of any man).

I have found various positions here where I currently dwell (Seoul, Korea, having returned here to find adventure), so I am not in current need of employment. But I've left some things around that may interest you if you wanted to know a little more about me. My Resume is a link to the one I created on Yahoo! 3D Pong is an applet which is a little game I wrote. A* is an applet which implements a basic A* algorithm. Recommendations 1, 2, and 3 are jpgs of letters of recommendation from my former employment.

To end this intro, I wish you the dearest things which the Lord has to offer in life, and may God grant you the ineffable purpose to withstand the vicissitudes of your days!

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